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Comic 37 - page 06

13th Jun 2013, 9:59 PM in Awakening part 2
page 06
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craybest 13th Jun 2013, 9:59 PM edit delete
More evil guys! *0*
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Lady Jean 14th Jun 2013, 9:30 AM edit delete reply
Lady Jean
Looks like quite the crew! Very interesting costume designs.
craybest 14th Jun 2013, 9:39 AM edit delete reply
Thanks!I'mnot too sure about the middle guy, his costume looked much better in the sketches, I'll see how to work with it in other drawings, maybe I can tweak it a bit.
Lady Jean 14th Jun 2013, 12:25 PM edit delete reply
Lady Jean
He's almost got a classic Hawkeye look to him.
craybest 14th Jun 2013, 12:53 PM edit delete reply
must be all the purple XD
Real Hero 16th Jun 2013, 4:52 PM edit delete reply
Real Hero
Just understood that she teleported the guard's head. That's awesome! And I still find Hunter to be very cool
craybest 16th Jun 2013, 5:40 PM edit delete reply
Hehe yeah that's what she did. Hunter is based in a character I made for an online superhero game
ranger_brianna_new 24th Jun 2013, 5:38 AM edit delete reply
I believe "sistem" is supposed to be "system".

And, by the way, just have to say--I DO love your work; it does look incredibly professional to me, so you're going to go far. :)
craybest 4th Jul 2013, 11:51 PM edit delete reply
thanks, I knew that one but it seems I have a brain fart, haha.
thanks a lot by the way, it means a lot to me to see others like my work, I still have a lot to learn but I think I'm on the right track :)
cachway 14th Oct 2013, 1:03 AM edit delete reply
Bypass' color scheme and design remind me of the Joker.
craybest 14th Oct 2013, 10:07 AM edit delete reply
Yeah, must be all the green/purple. I think that combination spells trouble from the beginning XD
Caley Tibbittz Collopy 12th Dec 2015, 11:54 PM edit delete reply
Caley Tibbittz Collopy
"At least partially", wow. Wonderfully sickening villain dialogue, kudos. I'll go hide under my bed now...
craybest 13th Dec 2015, 2:39 AM edit delete reply
thanks! I wanted to make her a really crazy evil kind of villain :D
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