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Chapter 3
by craybest

Chapter 3 starts today! We'll see many of the questions finally answered and some new characters will join the team, I hope you'll all enjoy it! :)

Also thank you so much for all the views and favorites on the site, it's great to see you like my work!

more than 300.000 hits!
by craybest

Thanks a lot guys! I'm so glad I'm getting so much great reception to the comic, at first I thought no one would be interested in a superhero webcomic, thanks for proving me wrong!

Also thanks for baring with me when I miss an update. Sometimes I'm really full of work and I can't have it ready on time.

So a big, fat, thanks to you all! Chapter 2 is coming to an end already, and I have big plans for chapter 3. I hope you'll like it!

No new comic this week
by craybest

Sory for not having any updates this week guys, but I'm a bit sick these days. So you'll have to wait till next week, I'll promess I'll make it up for you ;)

Donations aviable!
by craybest

Hey everyone! I just put a "donations" button on top of the page for those interested in helping the comic.

Donations over a certain amount of money will get some free prizes, so be sure to let me know when you donate. I'm currently thinking about the freebies you can get with donations, so when I'm done with that I'll create a link for you to see.  Also, each time donations go over 100$ (in total) I'll draw an extra for that week.

More than 100.000 hits!
by craybest

Thanks a lot everyone! I just checked and between the english and the spanish version I have more than 100.000 hits! 

You have no idea how happy this makes me, I'm so glad people are liking the comic, and I hope you'll all enjoy what's coming next.

You are great guys!