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New site layout (again)
by craybest

I decided the old site was too simple and boring so I wanted to spice up things a bit, I'm pretty satisfied with how it looks now :)

BTW The webcomic is ongoing name change, from "Alfa Genesis" to "Generation Alpha". For now it's just the banner, but soon I'll change both the actual comic name and the url. Stay tuned!

"Cast" page updated!
by craybest

Hey everyone! In case you want to read some more about the main characters you can visit the "cast" page, the link is on top of the page. I'll be updating the page when more characters appear. Hope you'll like it!

New site layout!
by craybest

Hey there guys and girls! Finally decided to make my first blog entry on my comic. I spent quite some time yesterday editing the site layout and today I added new "Cast" and "about" pages if you're interested in knowing a bit more about this comic.I hope you'll like them :)