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Main characters:

Laura: Laura woke up one day with superhuman abilities, but doesn't remember how she got them or what has happened in the last few days. She's decided to find out about that. But she'll soon realize she's not the only one with powers.


Tom: He found Laura unconscious after she user all of her power, he introduced her to a group of super powered humans, who are still trying to figure out where do their powers come from. He tries to lead the group but he has a pretty short temper. He is searching for ways to help his sister wake up form her comma. He has telekinetic powers.


Charlie: Charlie is probably the only one who is thrilled about having super powers and being a super hero. He is a comic and videogames fan, and is pretty light hearted. He can create ice blades from his body.


Chris: He is a pretty introverted teenager, because of his particular appearance he is insecure and rather agressive at times. He can turn himself into liquid form and is pretty good at hand to hand combat.


Arthur: He, as everyone else doesn't know how he got his powers. Thanks to his family's money and contacts he has been able to acquire some high end tech, and build the group a small base of operations in an old hangar. He can be somewhat cold at times. He can morph his body into various weapons, And he has a big secret.


Camille: She's Tom's sister. she is the only one who remembers a bit more about the origin of their powers but unfortunately a few days ago she fell into a comma and hasn't been able to wake up. She's being monitored in the infirmary.